Anonymous: "Helloooo ❤️"

Hello anon ❤️

09-01 / 2:27
jelenahh: "Hahahah how are you aimen? :)"

Im good ❤️ how r u?

09-01 / 2:26

Let me tell you one thing: The sexiest thing…is class.

  • teachers on the first class : take out your note book
  • me : chill
Anonymous: "If she really thinks jelena are for pr she needs to re-evaluate her life pronto 😂"

The “no paps in toronto” excuse tho like bruh toronto is one of the most famous cities in north america. Just bat and roll your eyes hun, bat and roll

09-01 / 2:14
jelenahh: "You dare to call me a loser? My school starts on 15 days and your school starts tomorrow so nah"

i just got burned so bad rn and i am not even ashamed to say it bc that comeback was gold.

09-01 / 2:09
jelenahh: "I know i know :) thats what i'm supposed to do :))"

LOSERS. You all are horrible ppl

09-01 / 2:05
Anonymous: "Why did you move from Toronto? Where do you live now?"

I lived IN toronto and then close to Toronto all my life until grade 5 ended. Now i live in between calgary and edmonton in an entirely different province half way across canada(i use to live in calgary last year and ill probs be moving back to either calgary or edmonton for grade 12) and i moved cause my dad got a promotion. Now he owns his own business tho so

09-01 / 2:03
Anonymous: "I dont want to start anything and i DONT believe her but expsoingsmg said that there arent any paps in canada and she is saying they are PR like wtf she dont even live in canada to know that. She should really get a life and stop hating on selena."

Um how dumb can u be to assume theres no paps in canada?? When celebs come to toronto who the fuck takes candids then? Or does everyone have a “pr photographer” that they hired? She needs to find her chill. Canada has celebs that they focus on also man america isnt the only place? God. Even italy has fucking paps. Wowza i just lost my cool there

09-01 / 2:01 / 4 notes
Anonymous: "Btw I love your blog. :)"

Thank you so much! I love you more :)

09-01 / 1:58 / 1 note
Anonymous: "Are there paparazzi in canada?"

Yeeep. There use to be dozens of them running all over the place cause of famous ppl when i lived in Toronto

09-01 / 1:55


if you knew me in 7th grade I’m sorry

Anonymous: "thank u (:"

Anytime :) love u

09-01 / 1:47
jelenahh: "My school starts in 15 days ;)"

You are a horrible soul for intentionally paining my soul

09-01 / 1:47