i hope i meet justin one day and he takes me to the studio and let’s me listen to all his new shit and then whips his dick out and tells me to get the suckin 

Title: Diamonds (Acoustic)
Artist: Rihanna
Played: 1068897 times

 Rihanna - Diamonds (Acoustic)



August 1: Another photo of Justin with fans tonight in Ibiza


justinbieber: @davidguetta and @khalil


Snippet of Justin and Cody’s new song.


Cody and Alli Simpson talking about Justin and Cody’s new music

Anonymous: "THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY THOUGH "I think Selena alergic to undies & bras" LOLLLOL wth"


07-31 / 11:46
Anonymous: "I'm pretty sure was wearing undies though, a thong most likely lol"

Can we.. This is kinda creepy..

07-31 / 11:08 / 1 note
Anonymous: "I think Selena is like allergic to bras and underwears. She just can't wear them lol."

Omfg….. Okay…

07-31 / 11:04 / 3 notes
Anonymous: "Do you still play Kim k?"

i got on today after so long and lost like 20 million fans and i cried

07-31 / 10:49 / 2 notes

jelenahipster really? But no its not about her. Im telling her what happened rn 😂

07-31 / 10:41